The Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools Inc (APFACTS), established in 1982 provides parents of children in non-government schools in the ACT a collective voice on education issues both locally and nationally.
APFACTS membership ensures that:

  • issues that you find important form our agenda;
  • Your views are canvassed and represented to government and key stakeholders both locally and nationally;
  • You are represented across a broad range of areas in the education sector through APFACTS involvement in committees and forums of influence;
  • You are informed about what is going on in the education sector from an organisation that is trusted and been in the “know” for nearly 30 years;
  • Your right for equitable funding for the non-government sector is represented;
  • Your right to choose a school of your choice without unreasonable financial disadvantage is represented;
  • You receive invitations and discounted ticket prices to APFACTS events and seminars;
  • You can advertise your events on the APFACTS website events page which is viewed by parents in the ACT;
  • You receive a quarterly e-newsletter;
  • You receive updates from the President of APFACTS.

APFACTS affiliation is open to:

  • Non-government school parent & friends (P&F) organisations
  • Bon-government parents councils

Annual membership fees are charged at $1.80 p/student (Sept 2016)

  • Non-government school community councils
  • Other school bodies with parental representation in the ACT.


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APFACTS provides a voice for parents and carers with children in ACT…

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APFACTS is proud of the strong representation it has provided on behalf of

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